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Alyssa is a gentle spirit with a cavernously deep soul and adventurous flame. 


Her childhood was painted with a distinct mark of packing up her world in cardboard boxes and moving to new spaces. A girl thrown around the country from the east coast to big city Seattle to Midwest suburbia, Alyssa saw a lot of cultures and always felt on the outskirts.


Unique wounds and bonds forged her deepest values for inclusivity and empathy. She learned to put herself out there, move past boundaries, and learn to live more boldly in the newfound truth that her words are worthy of being received by others. Fueled by a passion for everyone to feel seen and heard, her curiosity for people’s stories transformed into a desire to hear the dimmer voices.


She is fiercely committed to working with stories to ignite empowerment. That’s why she just completed a degree from Taylor University in professional writing and a minor in orphaned and vulnerable children—so she can spend the rest of her life immersed in the exploration of people, faith, culture, and beauty through the art of storytelling. 


Her dream as a writer of creative nonfiction is to create space for people to freely share their unique journeys. Brene Brown’s TedTalk entitled “The power of vulnerability” is the lighthouse of her professional journey. She believes that when we allow ourselves to be seen, connections are birthed which allow for healing and freedom. 


Newly learning to call Virginia Beach home, Alyssa has lived in a lot of places (most recently, the cornfields and open skies of Indiana). Other spaces that feel like home include those sweet moments when rain and sunshine blend, any place where both mountains and beach exist happily together (think Thailand and Fiji), or when there’s a steaming bowl of spicy Indian curry and fresh naan in front of her. 


An empathetic individualist with a resilient sense of connectedness, Alyssa identifies most closely with the Enneagram 4w5 and INFJ. “Out of Love” by Allesia Claire and the mysterious blend of mauve and lavender feel reminiscent of her soul. She’s got a soft spot for spending every possible moment with her family and closest friends. Otherwise, she’s most happy when cooking, weight lifting, hiking, playing violin, and abiding in spaces of solitude and prayer.

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