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Bullet Point Hopes

I was determined to stay away from resolutions and hopes and goals at the beginning of the new year. I'm the type of person who plans extensively with much idealism welling in my heart that I will be able to make my hopes happen, only to plummet on day two. But we're three days into the year, and already everything is different. ​

It started off with the need for my next devotional. Finished my last plan recently and thought I might as well start fresh at the beginning of the new year. Plus, my grandparents gifted me with a book for Christmas—"New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional" by Paul David Tripp. 

Even though devotionals have been a struggle lately, I felt strangely excited to start this one. January first came and I found myself reading the Introduction, even though I never do. I hate reading additional and unnecessary information. 

But something in there caught my attention. The devotional was born out of Twitter. Tripp tweeted "gospel thoughts" every day, and he developed these truths into lengthier daily devotions. It just took five minutes each day to tweet something God had impressed upon his heart. That led to a book. 

It was so clear. It's the little things. So often I get overwhelmed by everything and trying to maintain high expectations. I get excited about my visions and ideas, but in reality, these pictures are unrealistic. But bullet points. That's attainable. I don't have to plan to write a book, just make bullet points every day. One day, I will be blessed to own a journal full of thoughts. 

I want to maintain proper focus. Try not to get overwhelmed by the many things and the concept of them all. Separate them and take them individually to God. Practice trusting in the small things—one at a time. 

So my goals for this year are simple: stick with the devotional, write one thought every day in my journal, and take time once a month for evaluation and assessment. Maybe establishing hopes and goals isn't so daunting or discouraging after all. Maybe it's a start to a good year living in faith.

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