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I’ve thought about You. Thought about what life would be like without You. Could I close my eyes and imagine? Or could I hold my breath for eternity and never go blue? Without You, I wouldn’t be.

I used to pretend the world would just keep on going. Spinning, we’d all keep dreaming. But really, every bridge would be broken. Every door, become a wall. Without You, the world wouldn’t be.

I’d have to close my eyes and unsee all the beautiful moments that make up existence. Every laugh, smile, tear. The music of rain as I fall asleep. The smell of soil as I crush it between my fingers. Without You, life wouldn’t be.

I’ve come to see that every pretense I’ve hidden behind is just a barrier from a true glimpse of reality. The questions I keep asking about You: Who are You, really? What are You like? Who are You to me, and who am I to You? I don’t know it all but I know I need You. Without You, Yahweh, nothing would be. 

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